3 more students to university

3 of 7 SCoH students who have completed their secondary education in 2016, scored higher than the minimum limit to be invited by a university.

When you consider that most members of their family were/are not in the possibility to even go to a secondary school, we see is as a great result.

Save Children of Hope will continue to support these students in their school career.

Warm wishes for 2017


"A real community begins in the hearts of the people."


Fundraising event

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016 we organized our 9th Kenyan meal in Zandvoorde. Again, there was a massive interest. We thank everyone for their attendance!

Affiche Keniaanse maaltijd


Dear our sponsors/readers We thank you for your contribution and the support given to our organization. As you know the Organization started in 2008 assisting only 45 children, and one year later we were able to increase that number to 200. Not all the 200 children are under our full program of feeding, uniform and secondary education. We have 180 children who are under full program and 20 are on feeding program. The past years have been successful and a blessing to the organization. Our first child to sit for Kenya certificate of primary education scored high marks and joined Butere girls. This year she will sit for her Kenya certificate of secondary education and going by the reports from the school she is in good position to join University. Since then other children have followed her good example and 50 children from our program are now in different secondary schools. Those who do not qualify to join secondary schools are not left behind as we try our best to enroll them in polythechnic schools where they learn skills that can help them in future. This year we took three girls to national schools and four boys as well. Others joined County and district schools respectively. Every year a number of our children graduates from primary to secondary and the Organization takes responsibility of school fees and all requirements from schools. Organization plan is to assist this children continue with their education up to university level and later stand on their own. In total there are 50 students from our organization who are in secondary schools. We have also done well in ensuring that the feeding program runs very well. Our Director travels to KIBUYE market in Kisumu and buys quality food which she ensures is delivered in the schools at the right time. This program assists many children in the two schools since the food is given even to those who are not in the program. We have also managed to install modern ”jikos” in the kitchens of the two schools. The food is cooked with less firewood using steam. This method reduced the cost of firewood   since we need only three small pieces of wood a day. It is also a good method of cooking since the cooks prepare the food in a health environment. Our uniform program is also doing fine since every year we give a pair of uniform to the children since we know lack of school uniform will send a child home and they will therefore miss classes. Our secondary education program is inspiring many children to work hard in primary school knowing the Organization shall pay school fees for them giving a chance for higher learning. We have also purchased land which we are busy preparing proposals to submit to various institutions for approvals. The anticipated project shall transform the face of the entire community and we shall partner with the County Government in many areas that we see opportunities to help the County youth. As members of this organization our happiness comes from the success of our children. To see orphans and children from poor families joining National schools is inspiring. To take girls in polytechnic schools and see them learn electrical skills and later get jobs is encouraging. We want to thank all you who go deep into your pockets to make a difference in lives of these children through our organization. We want to thank all those who volunteer to walk look distances or cycle your bike from Belgium to Spain raising money for these children. We want to thank all of you who wake up in the morning in Belgium and prepare a Kenyan buffet to raise money for these children. Thank you those who buy tickets for your families to come and enjoy the Kenyan buffet and raise money for our lovely children. You have all contributed in different ways either through giving, working, praying for us or wishing the organization well. We highly appreciate your kind support. On behalf of the members and our children in Kenya we wish you all the best.   


January 2013 - Dear our readers, We want to thank you for your kind support and contribution towards needy children through our Organization. The year 2012 was a blessing to this Organization, our first girl Mercy a total orphan scored 398 marks out of possible 500 and joined Butere Girls High School. She is doing very well at school and we look forward to see her in form three next year 2014. This year, 2013, we managed to take 13 children from our Organization to secondary schools. Our first boy Omunupi, total orphan scored 345 marks out possible 500 marks and joined Butere Boys. The rest of the children joined district secondary schools and those who scored below 250 marks were taken to polytechnic schools. This is year we have 10 candidates for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, We wish them success. This year the Organization managed to construct a dining hall at Eshitoyi primary school. We accomplished our mission in July this year when the dining hall was officially opened on 24th July 2013. Our lovely children finally found a place to sit as a family during lunch hour and enjoy a meal together. Construction of dining hall was one of our priorities to enable our cooks prepare health meals in a clean kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a sink and modern steam “JIKO” which uses less fire wood. The Organization is the process of purchasing land for development purposes and we shall share with you our future plans very soon. On behalf of the Organization and our needy children, l take the pleasure to thank all our sponsors for the support you have given to this organization. All of you have contributed in differed ways either by going deep into your pockets or coming to assist us during our local events in Belgium etc. Children from various schools have participated in different sports to raise money for their friends in Kenya. We appreciate your kind support and the trust you have bestowed in this organization. We strive to see that all the children under our care can access education by providing assistance in areas we believe they need support. Remember, you are all welcome to visit the project in Kenya any time of the year. Please contact us should you have any questions, suggestions or ideas that can be of help to our family “SAVE CHILDREN OF HOPE”. Best regards Susan Nandwa, HSC




The chairman of Save Children of Hope, mrs. Susan Nandwa, received the Head of State's Commendation. This prestigious award is presented by the President of Kenya to compatriots who prove exceptional services to the nation. Susan gets recognition as founder and driving force of the non-profit organization Save Children of Hope. Read the newspaper article published on 31 October in The Standard (Kenya National Newspaper) http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000069628


January 2012 Dear Sponsors, well wishers and all our readers, Welcome to 2012. We would like to thank all our sponsors for their kind support in year 2011. Because of you we were able to close the year supporting 160 children. We were able to put up a dinning hall, kitchen, library, and administration block at Ebutayi primary school. In the same year we managed to drill water at Eshitoyi primary school. Our feeding and uniform program went in line with our expectations. This year the organization has great plans for our kids. We are happy to announce that plans are underway to increase the number of kids under our program to 300. This means the organization might choose another school to support. As promised when we started the organization, we shall be able to reach to more kids or save more lives when we get funding. Last year was a blessing year to us and we hope this year will go well. Our first female child Marcy from Eshitoyi Primary school scored 371 marks out of possible 500 for her KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education). The organization is looking to take her to secondary school. A rescue centre to support kids from vulnerable families is also planned under the collusion of the organization and Shiraha Society of Women with Aids. On behalf of our supported kids in Kenya, we would like to thank you for going deep into your pockets to make a difference in their lives. We wish you all the best and good health in 2012.